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A natural FMCG success

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Tucker’s Natural started out as a unique formula and product. Sam Tucker, the CEO, came to deMasijones at the beginning of 2008 with a proposition. He had acquired the rights to manufacture a very distinct cracker to a unique formula and process, he had also gained significant interest from buyers at Woolworths. Sam was no stranger to such opportunities as he had been in the baking industry for over 12 years, and had already gained great success in his existing gingerbread business.

Our challenge, if Sam was to take the product on, was to position the product, name it and package it, ready for presentation to the senior buyers at Woolworths, within 3 weeks.

The result was instant ranging in over 700 stores, the initial order was so large that every person, including myself, that was involved with the product had to work nights and weekends just to fulfill the initial order. We were still late.

Nearly three years on and Tucker’s now have a 2000m2 custom factory with 9 varieties under the Tucker’s Natural Gourmet Cracker brand selling in over 19 countries, with more brand extensions and product development being planned for third quarter 2010.

‘deMasijones conceived the Tucker’s Natural brand and assisted in the go to market strategy that connected with our target market and helped us grow in to a global brand that now sells in over 18 countries through major customers such as Coles, Woolworth’s, Carrefour, COSTCO and Wholefoods.’

Sam Tucker
Chairman and CEO
Tucker’s Natural Australia

Tucker’s Natural