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• Brand Audit
• Brand Strategy
• Naming
• Corporate Identity
• Marketing & Promotion Material
• Catamaran Livery Design

Previous identity & name

Previously Australian High Performance Catamarans, Goodall Racing has over a 30 year history as the ‘Goodall’ brand making some of the worlds highest quality racing sails. Early in 2012, the Goodall family met with us to discuss their brand, as the market place in which the business had been operating in had been changing substantially over the past few years on a global level and the Goodall family were looking to ensure that the brand was in a position to meet both current and future market challenges.

To do this we met with the Goodall Family and completed a comprehensive brand audit, as such it was agreed that the Goodall name had a lineage that was globally recognised and respected, it was also agreed that unlike Goodall racing’s competitors, all we did at Goodall was racing, we did not water down the brand or our product lines and to support this it was also agreed that APHC was not ‘personal’ or ‘memorable’ enough for a such a strong pure history in design, manufacture and sailing.

As a result the brand Goodall Racing was created as the overall umbrella brand for the company moving forward. The brand was launched at the 2012 Los Angeles World Sailing Titles with outstanding results!.

‘Goodall Racing is family business that is built on a history of doing it better. Our focus is to deliver the best catamarans straight out of the box and ready race, no need to adjust, alter or modify anything. Your new boat will be delivered with the best of everything; the latest design thoughts and the highest level construction and build quality.’

Goodall Racing