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Creating a classic and timeless brand with a strong focus on luxury and quality

• Corporate Identity
• Promotional Material
• Product Photography
• Art Direction
• Stationery

Having successfully established a long-standing iconic store in Adelaide Arcade and a secondary ‘Gerard McCabe Concept’ store acting as a draw card for the younger audience, Gerard McCabe were looking to grow their ‘Concept’ stores, preliminary throughout South Australia followed by other states.

With this in mind they came to realise the need for a stronger, consumer forward brand that would help launch them into the future and establish Gerard McCabe as a household name for fine quality jewellery. While attempting to draw new consumers, it was also imperative for them to maintain their long standing clients and in essence give them a revitalised image that they could become excited about all over again.

The logo and strategy had to project the Gerard McCabe old values of quality, luxury and prestige as well as have a modern classic edge that would draw in a younger generation of consumers. It needed to be visually strong, timeless and instantly recognisable as a quality jewellery brand.

The final solution is a classic, bold and memorable symbol. Executed in a modern, simple graphic style with a ‘clean’ typeface in a classic type style setting, it projects the high standard of quality and workmanship, as well as the contemporary edge that Gerard McCabe are renowned for. A neutral strong charcoal grey was used as their signature colour, allowing the jewellery to take centre stage.

Further communication and marketing material was developed such as corporate stationery, product catalogues and the style of the photography, a key element of the new visual ‘show the quality’ strategy.

Gerard McCabe