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Redefining the direction of an established and respected globally recognised company

• Brand Rejuvenation
• Corporate Identity
• Packaging System
• Retail Display

Dr LeWinn’s Private Formula has long been established as one of the top skin care companies in Australia. Founded and developed by Dr LeWinn, a once highly respected and renowned Plastic Surgeon in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the USA, in response to his patients seeking advice on how to improve their skin’s appearance post surgery, the results were remarkable, and to ensure that his range continued to produce optimal results, he decided to continue testing his products in the harshest climate on earth, Australia. Since then Dr LeWinn’s Private Formula has remained an Australian success which is embodied in the fact that it has been voted as the Number One Premium Skincare brand in Australia for nine years running – as at 2008.

In 2004 deMasijones were briefed by then International Marketing Director Joyce Khoo on the revitalisation of the brand image. Working closely with their expert internal team, deMasijones designed a new Corporate Identity System for the company comprising of a new Logotype, an accompanying monogram of Dr LeWinns’ signature and a visual identification colour system for ease of product selection and grouping. To support this, deMasijones also redesigned all the various ranges of packaging, both container and boxes, their in-store product display system and most recently the cosmetics counter and display for David Jones, Melbourne.

‘deMasijones have been instrumental in the development of the new look for the Dr LeWinn’s range of cosmetics.’

Joyce Khoo
Marketing Manager
Private Formula International

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