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At deMasijones we are proud to have had a long and successful career at creating internationally recognised and accredited corporate identities.
We are passionate about creating outstanding and unique brand Identities that ‘work’ for our customers. We do this as we know from years of experience that brand development for products and services is becoming one of the most important tasks in global business today. The facts are simple and quantifiable; an appropriate and well constructed ‘visual Identifier’ for a company or service and its supporting visual assts, can give itself, it’s competitors, stakeholders and the public at large a true sense of that company’s values and ambitions in a bold visual context. It offers a company, product or service a true point of difference in a very busy visual landscape!.

deMasijones have been regular contributors and strong supporters of since its inception in 2001. We have a number of logos featured in various Logolounge publications over the past 7 years.

Logos featuring the Logolounge symbol below indicate publication.

Corporate Identity