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Taking a science innovation to retail

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Our very own project, Coolsan has been an enormous labour of love that has seen us take a unique product from conception to market reality.

deMasijones was fortunate to meet the inventors at an international food Expo in Sydney in early 2011. They had created a unique sanitising sachet that had global market potential and remarkable scalability. The product was simple to use and harmless to humans, yet deadly to bacteria and odours and once we were confident with the ‘science’, we were compelled to work with such an amazing invention to bring it to market and to make it a reality.

The Coolsan multipurpose sanitation patch is an Australian patented invention which organically kills 99.9% of bacteria, mould and odours in a contained space for up to 1 month. The product is organic in nature, harmless to humans and foods, and breaks down into oxygen and water vapour once bacteria and odours are eliminated. You can use the product within your fridge, wardrobes or cupboards to provide a consistent (up to a month) level of ongoing sanitation to remove odours and help prevent mould.

Coming to a supermarket shelf soon!.

Coolsan Australia