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Changing consumer perceptions and re-identifying today’s retail environment

• Brand Extension
• Strategic Direction
• Art Direction
• Corporate Identity
• Retail Space Design
• Signage

B-Select is a new look for Bridgestone Tyre outlets throughout Australia, combining trust in the brand with the convenience of a retail store and high quality tyre services with local brand awareness.

The B-Select image has been designed to compliment existing Bridgestone brand requirements while adding new retail based dimensions to modernise, freshen and give a new brand promise perception to the Australian market while remaining professional and built on the strong Bridgestone foundation. Much development was undertaken to create the B-Select image and incorporate a new retail approach while conforming to existing Bridgestone rules.

The name ‘select’ was chosen for its:
• Simplicity
• Choice
• High quality
• Dependability
• Professionalism

The new image incorporates a new colour (orange) to add vibrancy in the retail environment, while reinforcing the view that the stores are taking a new direction.

‘Bridgestone Select represents an entirely fresh category philosophy and one that we believe will resonate with Australian consumers like no other tyre retailer has before.’

Mac Ohashi
Chairman and CEO (former)
Bridgestone Australia Pty Ltd

Bridgestone Australia