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Developing a trustworthy brand for the international and local organic skincare markets

• Naming
• Corporate Identity
• Bottle Design
• Packaging
• Promotional Material

With the general public becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of natural and organic products, deMasijones were commissioned to develop the branding for a range of unique skin and hair products using Organic Avocado Oil as its base ingredient.

Avado was born. Since Avado’s inception 6 years ago, deMasijones have been involved in all facets of the brand from corporate identity and unique bottle design to exhibition stands for international trade shows.

‘The idea for a range of Avacodo oil based products came about when I had my second child, Lucy.’ explains Avado Director Tammy Fenner, ‘She had extremely sensitive skin and was prone to eczema breakouts. All the products I tried at that time would dry our her skin even more, so I decided to add some pure organic Avocado oil to her bath, and over a short period of time, it worked ‘wonders’. From there the idea came to create a unique range of skin and hair products using Organic Avocado Oil as the base.’

Tammy Fenner
Founder & Director
Avado Organics

Avado Organics