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Establishing a retail brand with strong shelf presence

• Brand Development
• Naming
• Packaging
• Corporate Identity
• Marketing Collateral

Agricultural Organics has been a leading supplier of Floriculture and Hydroponic growing nutrients for nearly a decade. Their 11 stage growing system, suitably named ‘bloom’ sets the standard for a scientific process of propagation and consistency in final floral yields. With only a concept for the range, the client had a limited idea of what they wanted to achieve in terms of the products’ retail presence.

deMasijones was briefed only with the knowledge that the client wished to take the product national and ultimately international and required the range to ‘stand out’ when placed in its retail environment.

In considering the brief and to begin building a foundation for the brand, deMasijones suggested to the client that an energetic and ‘vibrant’ approach to the packaging and labelling challenge would be needed. This would ensure that the product would stand out from its competitors in a retail environment.

In answer to the challenge, a unique bottle colour was considered and would inevitably form an important visual part of the overall brand strategy, adding to this a harmonious label design boasting strong information hierarchy and bold colour, easily read by the older audience. In conjunction to the new label design and bottle, a unique icon based identification system was developed to support the range. This system is used extensively by the labels and correlates to references on the point of sale brochure and materials, it clearly guides the consumer into understanding how the products interrelate.

Agricultural Organics