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Developing a standout brand in a saturated market

• Naming
• Corporate Identity
• Packaging

When faced with developing the brand for a new coffee, the symbol and name had to convey a sense of history and knowledge about the market while also appearing contemporary and with a point of difference.

The name 1645 was chosen after extensively researching coffee merchants and the history of early coffee trade between countries. The research indicated that the first coffee house was opened in Venice in or around 1645 and although several other dates were also flagged during our research as the ‘first’ date, we felt 1645 rolled off the tongue easily, had a good feel and had the ‘point of difference’ to enable it to stand out in a saturated market.

The mark incorporates a coffee stain ring to convey a stamp such as would have been used historically to brand coffee bags and crates. 1645 has been in the market since July 2009 and the name and story behind the product has already raised interest from both wholesalers and retailers alike.

1645 Coffee